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Rhett has been in the music scene around Denver for 20+ years. Starting off playing bass Rhett quickly learned what was needed to be an effective musician on stage. Joining his next project Tequila Mockingbird, which would last for 12 1/2 years, he fine-tuned his bass playing, started dabbling with backup singing, developed his stage performance, and studio recording/engineering/mastering techniques. During this time Rhett would periodically fill in with other local bands such as SPIV, and EBWA, alongside many others. 


Switching to drums, Rhett co-formed Denver's own country band Buckstein. It was during these years that he continued developing his drumming skills, while also refining his singing abilities. Often times Rhett would fill in for other country bands as they would come through town appearing both at Toby Keith's and The Grizzly Rose among other top venues. These bands included Texas's own "Beaumont". As well as "Against The Grain" from California. Eventually joining "The Walker Williams Band", Rhett enjoyed tons of success while sharing the stage with many of the greats including, the bog dog himself, Toby Keith.


Traveling to Nashville in May, 2023 Rhett teamed up with Trafton Harvey to record his first eight original tracks. These have ben very well received and featured on radio stations throughout the western US. Rhett has finally taken the opportunity to showcase his music out on the road as much as possible. And he is absolutely having the time of his life!


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