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Fill out this Advance Sheet as best as you can please. Thanks!

ARTIST: RHETT HANEY (please ONLY use “Rhett Haney” on any promotional material as opposed to “Rhett Haney Band” or any other variation. Thank you)

720-298-9045 - -

High-res photos and graphics located at:

Concerning sound and lighting equipment. We can / will provide our own if needed. If possible, we prefer to use our own lighting package because it is synced up to all of our show. It enhances the show tremendously. Our lighting package including movers, spots, washes and a “hazer“. Please let us know if hazing is, or is not allowed in your club. This is not a heavy fog or smoke machine which trigger smoke alarms, but rather a VERY LIGHT water-based haze which will augment the effects of our light show.

Thanks! This info will help bunches!

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